Have you noticed the red-brown streaks in the sea at Kenton Eco Estate during the past few days? Well, we thought we would shed some light on this phenomenal event.

It is, in fact, red tide, and we are actually seeing many tiny dinoflagellates (microscopic marine animals) in the water. When conditions are right for these little guys, they form blooms (essentially, massive colonies), and these dinoflagellate blooms discolour the water, turning it red-brown. The primary cause for the red tide seems to be the really hot, calm weather we have been having in the past while. Red tide is actually very rare on this side of the country, and is far more common on the West Coast where the waters are far more nutrient.

Please remember to steer clear of shellfish for the time being, as red tide can get into the shellfish and the toxins can be transferred into our bodies if we eat these shellfish.

Also remember to keep a look out for possible bioluminescence. We have witnessed some spectacular sightings along our coastline. It really is an amazing sight and is not to be missed!….Thank you to the Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) for the information, they also have an office in Kenton on Sea

For further information please visit SST on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/seapledge



photo taken in Port Elizabeth