A vigilant builder who is currently constructing 2 new homes at Kenton Eco Estate, reported a sighting of an injured Tortoise.

The Tortoise had a severe wound near his back leg which had developed into an abscess, at first sight we thought there would be very little chance that the creature would be able to survive as the wound being so septic also affected the use of his leg.

A call was made to Dr. Leon de Bruyn a local vet from Port Alfred. Leon is well known and respected in our area for his dedication to the rehabilitation of wild animals. His work was well publicised a couple of years ago when he hand raised a Giraffe called Gambit who’s mother had died. Gambit is currently a celebrity resident of the Black Rock reserve in Port Alfred, where amongst his many antics welcomes guests to the reserve.

Dr. de Bruyn asked us to bring the Tortoise to his surgery in Port Alfred for examination. The wound was flushed out where it was established that due to the nature of the wound it was probably caused by a spear or pointed stick. Leon then proceeded to administer shots of antibiotics, pain killers and vitamins. The wound was treated with antiseptic and eventually after half an hour or so, the Tortoise was good to go.

Unfortunately there is still a tiny minority of people in South Africa who like to hunt tortoises for their shell and meat. Kenton Eco Estate is bordered by other farms and it is most likely that an attempt was made to capture this creature on one of these farms. To date we have never suspected any poaching activity on the estate, we will however step up efforts to ensure that we remain free from the scourge of poachers.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Dr. de Bruyn who provided his services free of charge, we made a R 100 donation to cover the cost of the injection meds, a very small price to ensure the survival of one of Kenton Eco Estates oldest residents.

Kenton Eco Estate ranger releasing the tortoise

The Kenton Eco Estate Tortoise after receiving treatment was released by Deon