Dear Kenton Eco Estate Homeowners Association  Member

It has come to our attention that Ndlambe Municipality , the Municipality within which Kenton Eco Estate falls, has proposed the attached Municipal Valuation Roll to be implemented going forward.

It is the responsibility of Members to object  as individuals to the Municipal Valuation where deemed  necessary. The Homeowners Association will not be lodging objection on behalf of members, as the process requires Members to  do so on their own accord.

Attached below please find the proposed Municipal Valuation Roll as well as the Objection Form.

Please note that the deadline for submitting your objection is 20th of April 2014

Yours sincerely
JAG on behalf of the KEE HOA

Objection Form – 2013  (Objection Form)

GV Kenton – 2013 GV (Valuation Roll – KEE properties are listed from page 74)