Greetings from Kenton Eco Estate

It is hard to believe that we are almost half way through the year!

The Kenton Eco Estate is looking as beautiful as ever and we express our thanks and gratitude to the efforts of our hard working staff who ensure that the estate is well looked after. An estate the size of KEE has a great deal of infrastructure that needs to be kept operational at all times. Without a team of dedicated workers the estate would quickly fall into a state of disrepair.

As well as our scheduled routine maintenance, there are several projects ongoing this year including Prickly pear eradication, tree planting in public areas, maintenance of the Electric perimeter fence and clearing areas of long grass around existing homes in order to create fire breaks.


Veld Fires

Due to recent high winds and long dry spells there has been several outbreaks of veld fire which caused damage to large areas of land in our region. Bushmans Creek a small development in Bushmans River Mouth was devastated by fire and lost large areas of bush and fence line. This fire was apparently caused by an electrical fault in one of their Eskom boxes. In an effort to minimise potential damage to property should Kenton Eco Estate experience a similar occurrence, a decision was made to cut long grass surrounding existing homes, effectively creating a fire break of approx 15 meters. The rangers also regularly trim grass around all Eskom boxes to prevent any growth forming inside them. Fortunately there has been some much needed rain since and the risk of fire has been reduced significantly. However Fire breaks surrounding each home will continue to be cut as a precautionary measure.


Prickly Pear irradication

Kenton Eco Estate rangers are now in the process of eradicating the Prickly pear, an alien invader that poses a serious threat to our indigenous species.  The process of eradication will take approximately 6 months to remove the existing plants. Follow up treatments will be on going to ensure that no new growth forms. The results thus far have been very encouraging as the pictures below show. This picture of the dead plant was taken only two weeks after application.

IMG_0905 IMG_0920

Another New Home Nears Completion

We are very pleased to announce that the New home being built at Bushbuck Lane in Village 3 is very close to completion. This very impressive home has been built to a very high standard by Johan Potgieter of Kwaaihoek Bouers and is testament to the exceptional quality that is offered by our local builders.

All building work should be completed within the next couple of weeks and we look forward very much to welcoming our newest residents, the Bennett Family, to their new home at Kenton Eco Estate.

House Bennett


Security at Kenton Eco Estate remains, and always will remain a fundamental aspect of our daily operation. Crime is a constant concern for all South Africans, although we are comforted by the knowledge that there has not been any serious incident in Kenton for quite some time, we must remain focused on improving security wherever possible.

Opportunist petty theft is possibly the most common crime committed in secure estates. Outside contractors and service providers not supervising their staff are often identified as the main source of risk for this type of crime. It is therefore important for all homeowners who may need to appoint outside contractors to insist on adequate supervision at all times for any workers required on site.

Zola’s way

Kenton Eco Estate is blessed with two magnificent boardwalks that wind their way through indigenous milkwood forests and Dune thicket. At the end of the trails visitors are presented with sensational views of the pristine beaches and ocean.

Work was recently completed to construct a permanent sign for the boardwalk in village 3 known as Zola’s Way. Zola was one of Kenton Eco Estates original Rangers who showed potential purchasers around the estate. Zola was very passionate about the future of Kenton Eco Estate but sadly passed away before the development phase had been completed. His determination and enthusiasm will always be remembered and Zola’s Way is a fitting tribute to his memory.



Images of Kenton Eco Estate