On Friday the 2nd of March 2012 one cow and two bull rhino’s were poached at Kariega Lodge. Tragically, one bull was fatally wounded and died during the course of the night, whilst the remaining two were severely injured, but miraculously survived and are fighting for their lives. Kariega Game Lodge immediately engaged the services of Doctor William Fowlds who is renowned not only for his expertise in veterinary medicine and rhino care, but also for his deep-set compassion for conservation in general.

This is a desperately sad situation which has affected us all deeply. Kariega Lodge are passionate and making every effort possible in an attempt to save the lives of these two animals. They are led in this endeavor by Doctor Fowlds, and they have total confidence in his judgement with respect to the medical way forward. They realize and understand that if both rhinos are to make a full recovery it will be a long process (at least 2 months of intensive intervention and care).

The bravery of these animals is unbelievable, and has inspired the rangers to nickname them Thandiswa and Themba, two beautiful Xhosa names meaning courage and hope. Unfortunately, Themba does appear to be in a more critical condition, but as his namesakes suggests they are hoping for the best possible outcome.

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Forever Wild rhino initiative of the Wilderness Foundation.