The Estate

Who are the Estate Managing Agents?

What is the size of the Estate?

What percentage of the land of the Estate will be developed?

Once fully developed, how many houses will there be on the Estate?

Under which municipal jurisdiction does the Estate fall?

What are the different forms of ownership?

Is co-ownership possible?

What surface are the roads?

Can I let out my property ? If so what is the process I need to follow?

Can I re-sell my property?

Can I use an outside agent to re-sell or to let out my property?


Who manages the running of the Estate?


May my deposit be in the form of a bank guarantee?

Do I get my own title deed?

Who pays the agent's commission?

Is VAT or transfer duty payable?

What about legal fees?

May I purchase if I am a foreigner?

Building and Architecture

Is there a builder's protocol?

Who approves building plans?

What is the architectural theme of the Estate?

Must approved architects be used?

Who are the Estate's architects?

Does the Estate have a panel of recommended builders to be used?

What building style can be used?

What sort of roof surface can be used?

How long after purchasing must one start building?

May I build a swimming pool?

May I build a tennis court?


What form of security and access controls are provided?

What security arrangements are made while building is in progress?


How much is the Homeowners' Association levy?

What services are included in the levy?

Do I pay my own rates?

What are the current municipal rates?

Do I pay my own electricity?

Do I pay for water consumption separately?


Are there any conservation areas on the Estate?

May I plant anything I want?

May I keep cats or dogs on my property?